DaySchool® was created by Snowman Software in response to the administrative needs of midsize and smaller independent schools. DaySchool is a central, multi-user database of all of a school's constituent groups. Unlimited user-defined fields and flexible reporting options allow each school to customize DaySchool® to handle their unique admissions, development and communications needs.


M Systems 20th Anniversary

23 May 2016 -- Today marks the 20th Anniversary of M Systems International, Inc. - parent company to Snowman Software!  M Systems has had a reputation from day one for delivering mission-critical systems and solutions on time and within budget - retaining most all of their customers over the past 20 years while adding new ones each year.  M Systems teams work on development and support engagements in industries as varied as manufacturing, engineering, finance, reinsurance, cattle breeding/animal genetics, professional sports, workers union, AND OF COURSE, EDUCATION!


Congratulations to M Systems for 20 Years of Success!

SnowmanCloud = Flexibility and Peace of Mind!

18 May 2016 - Snowman Software's SnowmanCloud option allows schools to use our popular DaySchool administrative software package on a Cloud platform and has become THE most popular way to take advantage of DaySchool - with over half our client schools now running on the cloud and 95% of new clients opting for the cloud.  All you need to have access to your information at any time, from anywhere is an Internet connection and a computer or a tablet, such as an iPad or even a smart phone  - we handle the rest, including the system administration of the Cloud computer!  This offering, with affordable Software As A Service (SaaS) fees, allows you to increase your productivity with our easy to use school administration database. 

DaySchool® 8.30 Released

9 December 2015 -- Snowman Software announces the latest release of DaySchool® with Version 8.30. Clients on SnowmanCloud will notice that the new version is already running on their Cloud desktops. The upgrade will also be available as a download for those who run the software on their school server.


As always, many of the upgrades in this version come directly from client input and our commitment to offer the very best administrative tool for private schools.

Snowman Software's 2015 Users' Conference

19 November 2015 -- UPDATE:  Snowman Software's DaySchool® Users' Conference was held in Research Triangle Park, NC, USA, on Tuesday and Wednesday, November 10 and 11, 2015 with attendees from Southern California, Seattle, Denver, Chicago, Rhode Island, Virginia and North Carolina!  


With hands-on training, networking, lunch with the Snowman Software engineers, and a session with Starr Snead - advancement guru to small Independent schools, the conference got 5 star ratings from those who participated!  A bonus this year was that conference participants worked in our soon-to-be-released Version 8.30 and were able to experience firsthand the ease of accepting inquiries, applications and parent updates through WebConnector.


A special thanks to our wonderful client schools who participated! 



Start Using the Attendance Module for 2015-2016

30 June 2015 -- Track attendance this coming school year with DaySchool's fully integrated Attendance Module.  


It's not too late to implement for the 2015-2016 school year and have immediate access to daily attendance as well as reports by individual student, grade level, classroom and/or the school as a whole .


"I love being able to see the attendance and tardies on the home screen, and I like how easy it is to switch the absences to tardies once a student arrives at school." 

      Laurie Ortega-Murphy, Spruce Street School, Seattle, WA

Hate Data Entry? Love WebConnector!

30 June 2015 -- Are you still manually entering student/family data this summer for the upcoming school year?  Schools that are combining the data collection abilities of Snowman Software's WebConnector with the powerful, user friendly DaySchool database are saving themselves data entry time by letting their inquiries, applicants, and parents fill out and update their information from the school website! 

Training Webinars - Recordings Now Available

30 June, 2015 -- Current DaySchool clients may now view all of our recorded training webinars on demand. Simply login to the website and access the documentation and Webinar recordings under User Menu>Get Help>Webinars.


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