Admissions Office

Independent school admissions

As someone overseeing admissions for your school, you understand the criticality of precision, follow-through, and meticulousness. Yet, many comprehensive software options out there are priced beyond the means of the average school budget.

Imagine having access to an affordable school administration software solution that not only fits your budget but also enhances your productivity and effectiveness. Introducing DaySchool®. Below, we outline just a few ways DaySchool can elevate efficiency in your Admissions Office.

  • Access a centralized, multi-user database encompassing all contacts associated with your school, from parents and grandparents to alumni, donors, applicants, and inquiries.
  • Completely customize your Admissions Office workflow. Automatically create “to do” lists, so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Utilize registrar features for seamless tracking of new enrollments and re-enrollments, ensuring ongoing accuracy. With just a single click, effortlessly roll entire classes over to the new school year.
  • Unlimited user-defined fields and flexible reporting.  Record, track and report what is relevant to your particular school.
  • Easily generate preformatted reports for the most common needs by defining your filter parameters. Craft custom reports effortlessly by selecting any data field with just a few clicks. Save your tailored reports for future reference and ease of access.
  • Using WebConnector, prospective families may submit online inquiries and applications.
  • The Parent Portal empowers parents to securely update contact and medical records online, eliminating error-prone redundant data re-entry and saving valuable staff time. Within the portal, options abound: from DaySchool-generated report cards and progress notes to attendance records and document views such as forms or the school directory, all available for seamless viewing or downloading.
  • Personalize print and electronic communications to an individual contact or to any group you select, all with just a few clicks of your mouse.

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Just a few of the many DaySchool® features were listed above that may make life easier in the Admissions Office. Discover all the benefits of using DaySchool® by scheduling a short, live online demo today.