Front Office

In most schools, the Front Office is often the busiest area of the school. Is this true for your school?

DaySchool® automates many common Front Office processes improving productivity and efficiency. Here are just a few ways DaySchool helps in the Front Office:

  • A central, multi-user database of all school constituents and contacts.
  • Unlimited user-defined fields and flexible reporting.  Record, track and report what is relevant to your particular school.
  • Most common reports are preformatted and are generated with just a couple of mouse clicks.
  • Using WebConnector, parents can securely update contact and medical records online eliminating redundant data re-entry.
  • Personalized print and electronic communication to an individual or any group you select.

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Just a few of the many DaySchool® features to make Front Office life easier were listed above. Discover all the benefits of using DaySchool® by scheduling a 15-minute online demo today.