Getting Started Is Easy

Getting started with DaySchool® is easy. Snowman Software can have you up and running DaySchool on SnowmanCloud within three weeks! Need a faster turnaround? No problem, just let us know.

We have had clients confidently using DaySchool in just three days – including data conversion. Getting started using DaySchool is very easy and typically includes the following steps:

School super heroes represented by children in superhero capes demonstrate getting started with DaySchool.
  • Schedule your brief demo today and decide that DaySchool is the right solution for your school.
  • Discuss your school’s specific needs and budget with your DaySchool Product Specialist.
  • Sign and return the service agreement we send to you.
  • Create a timeframe for implementation with your Product Specialist.
  • Assign a person from the school to work with your Product Specialist and decide which data to use from your existing database.
  • Deliver your data to Snowman Software – we will do all the data mapping and the creation of any additional data fields to capture your current data.
  • Staff training using live webinars supported with self-serve recorded videos
  • Start using your new database.

Training Options

Onsite Training:  Eight hours at your school. The school’s only expense for onsite training is the actual out of pocket travel expenses for your product specialist to visit your school.

Online Live Training: Can be arranged in 1-2 hour increments to get your team up and running on DaySchool.

Recorded Webinars: Available to your team 24/7 on our website

User’s Conferences: Usually held at the end of each calendar year.

In System Help:  A Help menu is conveniently located within DaySchool.

Online Client Resources:  Online training and refresher resources including FAQ’s and Video and Document Libraries.

Support – Getting the Most from DaySchool

Support with Snowman Software is unlimited!

It is our sincere desire that each and every client gets the support they need to feel comfortable using the software at a high level. We encourage prospective and existing customers to contact us anytime questions arise. Most calls/emails/chats during our normal business hours are answered by one of our support personnel within minutes of receipt.

  • Email: support at
  • Live chat on our website
  • Telephone: 888-918-4384, ext 3

Get started today by scheduling a short demo.

Contact us to discover how easy and cost-effective it can be to implement DaySchool in your school today.