Communication Wizards

DaySchool® includes communication wizards to help you effortlessly send emails, create labels, print letters or construct various forms using the data from your database. Phonathon forms that include past giving history, student emergency forms for each classroom teacher,  letters to all of your wait pool applicants, or name tags for students and families. These are just a few ideas of how you can use wizards to create what you need (and our support personnel can help!)

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School boy with communication idea


  • Easily segment your mailings to different constituent groups and ensure that each donor/donor prospect only receives a single mailing
  • Send letters to donors reminding them what they have given in past campaigns
  • Create phonathon forms with prospect contact information; child information; and past giving history
  • Produce tax letters listing payments received during a selected time frame to selected funds/campaigns
  • Send your second or third campaign appeal letter to those who have not yet pledged
  • Generate letters for those with outstanding pledges or to those with scheduled payments


  • Create personal letters to each inquiry family to mail with school information
  • Generate personal letters to applicant families based on their grade applied/school year applied; application status
  • Automatically create enrollment contracts for current and new students
  • Run labels for open houses and other admissions activities by selecting prospective families who have not yet applied
  • Send personal letters to all of your current families who have not yet enrolled or to all of your new families or to all of your families who have already enrolled for the following school year

Front Office

  • Easily send a mailing (or send a personal email) to all of your current parents, current grandparents, staff members, board members, alumni of specific years or any other groups in your database
  • Create your family roster in your school’s preferred format
  • Run a roster of board members or staff members with their contact information
  • Email all the parents of the first-grade students who will be getting back late from their field trip
  • Generate emergency forms for all of your current students

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