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Development Office

Development staff reviewing data

The Development office staff in many small to mid-sized schools is usually limited to 1-3 people.

Typically the Development Office staff is responsible for guiding the school in identifying, cultivating, soliciting, recognizing, and nurturing relationships with donors and prospects.

DaySchool® can help simplify and organize many of the tasks your Development office may be responsible for completing. Below are just a few of the ways DaySchool® may help:

  • A central, multi-user database of all of your school’s contacts including parents, grandparents, alumni, donors, applicants, and inquiries.
  • Unlimited development-specific user-defined fields.
  • Automatically create “to do” lists, so nothing falls through the cracks.
  • In just a couple of clicks of your mouse create and save custom report formats based on your school’s unique data needs or use one of the DaySchool® pre-defined reports. Whichever one you choose, you can print the report or export the results to your favorite spreadsheet program such as MS Excel.
  • Generate phonathon forms and tax letters for example with just a few clicks of your mouse.
  • Create and track unlimited campaigns and funds.
  • Development-specific communications wizards make it simple to create personalized letters, labels/envelopes, and emails for an individual contact or to any group you select.

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Just a few of the many DaySchool® features to make Front Office life easier were listed above. Discover all the benefits of using DaySchool® by scheduling a 15-minute online demo today.