Customer Service: A Cornerstone of Our Business

“DaySchool software does everything we need it to do, and in many cases, more elegantly than larger systems I have worked on previously. The reporting is extremely flexible, and if you can’t figure out how to get the data you need, you can call Leslie and she will point you in the right direction. Our data conversion was really smooth, and I now can find information easier because the pages are organized in a logical way. Updates and rolling over classes is super easy, truly a one-touch button process, it even works well with our multi-year classrooms. DaySchool was worth the investment and the customer service is better than any other company you will ever deal with. Quick, responsive and knowledgeable. Thank you so much for improving our development practice!”

~ Deanna Dement Meyers, Fayerweather Street School

“We have been using Snowman for over eight years now, and it continues to be perfect for our small school. The software is very user-friendly and is so easy to navigate. Creating labels, compiling a school directory, lists for teachers all as easy as 1, 2, 3! The customer service you receive from Snowman is beyond compare! If I have a question, they are a phone call away. They can always walk me through whatever trouble I’m having. The webinars are fantastic. They answer your questions before you knew you had them! By far the best investment our school has made.”

~ Debbie Schwartz, Peninsula Heritage

“Snowman Software came very highly recommended when our organization—a non-profit, summer academic/enrichment program—was looking for a database that would suit our specific needs. Leslie, our Project Manager, helped us map out the fields and data points that we wanted to manage. Snowman Software created a database system unique to our needs (and then some!) that we have used successfully for the past five years.

Anytime we have had a question, we have received prompt responses and personal assistance from our Project Manager (who is the same person five years later), Tech Support, and even the company president. Snowman Software has been exceptional regarding compatibility with the Mac.  The fact that our new office manager was able to run an admissions report during her first day on the job without assistance is a testament to the user friendliness of Snowman Software.”

~ Lisa Michael, Director of Dawson Summer Initiative

“The import feature in DaySchool Software is wonderful.  The streamlined, intuitive interface that makes it easy to use even when you only use it 2-3 times a year.  Most of my systems have pages of documentation that I have to refer to to prepare my systems annually for a new school year.  Not DaySchool, it truly is a breeze.  In addition, Customer Support is incredible and so personalized.”

~Pam Adams, Director of Technology, Long Ridge School

“The DaySchool™ system by Snowman Software has been a tremendous support in my role as Director of Admissions. The ‘follow-up list’ feature keeps me organized and focused allowing me to stay in touch with prospective students and families in a timely fashion. Enrollment at my school has reached an all-time high thanks in part to this software and the wonderful team at Snowman Software.”

~ Alison, Walden School

“DaySchool provided the admissions office with a data management program that can be used throughout the entire admissions process, including statistical analysis and historical documentation, that helps to ensure we continue to grow.”

~ Michelle Lazor, Director of Admissions, Hudson Montessori