Web-based DaySchool


Snowman Software’s web-based platform allows schools to securely access our popular DaySchool® administrative software package via the internet. All you need to have access to your information at any time, from anywhere, is an Internet connection and a computer, tablet, or smartphone  – we handle the rest! 

Your software and database are securely accessed with your internet browser. Snowman Software closely partners with an international industry leader that specializes in web-based hosting. This offering, with affordable Software As A Service (SaaS) fees, allows you to increase your productivity with our easy to use school administration database.


  • User logins are accessible from any computer, tablet device or smartphone with internet access.
  • Always have the latest version of DaySchool® software with Snowman Software performing all updates for you on the cloud.
  • Reduce on-premise equipment/infrastructure expenditures for your school.
  • Increased peace of mind knowing your database is securely hosted and backed up with triple redundancy.


  • Redundant RAID 10 storage for all file share and user data.
  • Real-time data backups of all file share and user data.
  • Active / Active load balanced servers that guarantee accessibility even when hardware fails.
  • Generator and UPS backed power.
  • Two internet service providers configured in an Active /Active setup with automatic fail-over.
  • Redundant core networking gear with fail over power supplies.


  • Bank-grade SSL encryption for all transferred data.
  • Forced password complexity.
  • 24×7 video surveillance monitoring inside and outside the data center.
  • 24×7 third party security system monitoring.
  • Private data center used only by the hosting provider and associated brands.
  • Background checks for all employees with data center access.
  • Keycard entry system.

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